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“Suit Boot Better Than Suitcase Sarkar” says Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who recently completed one year in office, has, in an exclusive interview with Smita Prakash, Editor, ANI, said the opposition alleging that his government is a “Suit Boot Ki Sarkar” is definitely better and more acceptable than being labelled a “Suitcase” (ki Sarkar), and satirically added, that after ruling for sixty years, the Congress has suddenly remembered the poor. Some points from the interview are below:

Congratulations on completion of one year of the government. In a scale of 1-10 what would you grade your government?

It is for the people of this country to grade and evaluate us. How can I take away their right? I have presented my report card to the country. Recently, media has published the findings of some surveys. You would already have seen them. I can only say that we have laid a solid foundation on which the people can rate us. You came in with the promise of “Acche Din.” Have you been able to meet the goals that you set for yourself in the first year of the government?

Yes. I am fully satisfied with the work that we have done. The most satisfying part of this year is that we have lived up to the promise that our intentions will be pure and our actions will be driven by long-term national interest. Recall the situation one year ago. Massive corruption at various levels of government gave rise to scams on a regular basis. Our precious natural resources were going into the hands of a chosen few. In contrast, there are neither any charges of corruption against my Government nor any scandals. Corruption was seen as the biggest problem. We have given a clean, transparent and efficient government. Burey Dino Ki Vidayee Hui hai. (Bad days are over).

Is this not Acche Din for the country?

PM writes an open letter to the nation What has been the single big success in the past year? The achievements and successes of my government are numerous. However, I know that the success of a government’s journey lies in reaching the last man. Therefore, our efforts were directed towards the poor and marginalized. We have also paid special attention to remote corners of the country. Our objective is to transform quality of life, infrastructure and services.

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